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Colleen Purdy » Sketchbook Challenge!

Sketchbook Challenge!

  1. Draw yourself
  2. Draw your best friends
  3. Draw your pet
  4. Draw the items on the table
  5. Draw something in water
  6. Draw something that can fly
  7. Draw something you love
  8. Draw a family member
  9. Draw your dream job
  10. Draw something sweet
  11. Draw your hand (dont trace!!)
  12. Draw the person sitting across from you
  13. Draw your favorite candy
  14. Draw an animal with a super power
  15. Draw a landscape
  16. Draw an object in the art room
  17. Draw your favorite superhero
  18. Draw Mrs. Purdy
Drawings should be complete finished drawings (Colored, have a background), on different pieces of paper (can be front/back) and if complete students can earn a Art room prize from Mrs. Purdy
Happy Drawing!!