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Colleen Purdy » Golden Crayon

Golden Crayon

The Golden Crayon
What is the golden crayon? Well, it is a school wide class competition based on 1. Participation 2. Discussion 3. Time on task 4. Clean up 5. Volume control.
How can you win the crayon? This 4 foot tall crayon is a reward for the class that work best together to earn the most golden popsicle sticks in their class box on the behavior board. The class with the most wins!
Why do I want my class to win? The winning class will have it announced over morning announcements on mondays. The class will get to keep the crayon in their classroom for the week, and when they return to art they get a prize project (clay)
Winning classes will be posted here as well as on 
the Golden Crayon Wall of Fame 
(posted outside the art room!)
Golden Crayon Winners!!
Winners will be announced each week on DNN!