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Frank J. Dugan Elementary School Home of the Dragons!

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Frank J. Dugan
Marlboro Township experienced a growth spurt in the 1980s that required the addition of a fifth elementary school. Frank J. Dugan Elementary School opened to kindergarten through sixth-grade students and staff in January 1987 with Mr. Thomas Ellsworth as principal. The school is located in the southern end of Marlboro Township on Topanemus Road. Presently, we serve approximately 600 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Our current building administrators are Principal Richard Pagliaro and Vice Principal Sashi Gundala who oversee more than 60 faculty and staff.
Frank J. Dugan, for whom the school was named, was a lifelong resident of Marlboro and served as secretary to the Board of Education from July 1, 1943 until Dec. 31, 1960. In addition to his responsibilities as board secretary, he fulfilled the duties of the office of the superintendent until 1959 when the first superintendent was appointed. From 1954 until 1961, he also held the positions of custodian of school funds and tax collector.  Known to be a meticulous and articulate individual, Frank Dugan played an integral part in the development of Marlboro Township and its educational program. Upon adorning our school with his name, it was said, "For those of us who knew him, his name on a school in this township will serve as a reminder of a very fine person who was a part of this school system." At the age of 71, Frank J. Dugan died in 1970.

When tasked with selecting a mascot, the staff sponsored a contest in which the student body would make the decision. Having received over 350 entries, the votes were tallied and found students had overwhelmingly selected what is affectionately known as the Dugan Dragon. This friendly green dragon has lovingly adorned book covers, folders, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other school "swag" for over 15 years.  As seen on our school's website, the dragon proudly wears a golden yellow t-shirt with the word "Dugan" across its chest.