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Mr. VanDerHoof-Physical Education/Health Page

Mr. VanDerHoof - Physical Education/ Health Page

Physical Education/Health


Welcome back! 

Let's get started on another great year.



It does not matter what time of year! There is no reason we can't still say hello to Health! What better than to get our bodies in shape than enjoying all nature has to offer! Go to a Park, Recreation area, or any outdoor area. They are really beautiful any time of year. Just make sure to be active.  If you equip yourself with the right gear you can enjoy all your favorite activities no mater the weather.

Let's get our bodies in shape! Remember to eat right, sleep at night, and make your body out of sight! Now is a great time to get in shape! Let's make sure we get some exercise.  GO outside! You shouldn't lay around ! There are plenty of great OUTDOOR activities waiting for you to do. Ride a bike, skateboard, rollerblade, walk in the park, go for a jog, skate, Kayak, play catch. The possibilities are endless!



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Hello, my name is Mr. VanDerHoof. I am the Physical Education/Health teacher here at Dugan. This is my 17th year here at Frank Dugan Elementary School and I enjoy it more each year. I am a believer that children should learn to appreciate health and fitness and learn to take care of their bodies throughout their childhood and continue through their lives. I strive to do this in all of my classes. Physical Education/Health should be a fun, enjoyable, and motivational experience for all children.



A Message From The Teacher: 738

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please be aware of your gym day to help avoid wearing, boots, sandals, Crocs, shoes or other footwear not suitable for class. (Slip-on shoes and boots are not acceptable.) Unprepared students may not participate in the days activities and will be given an alternative activity.

Students are reminded to wear comfortable clothing to class, wear athletic sneakers, and come prepared to have a good time!!

Suggestion: During snowy/rainy weather if you wear boots or other footwear you can bring your sneakers in your book bag or a bag so that you have them ready for gym.



Music that makes you move!!!(Extra Credit): Be your own DJ!  Make a Playlist that has songs that make you want to get up and dance, run, jump and exercise or do something active. Send the link or list to my Email. We will use it for warm-ups. (Remember: keep the music school appropriate)

Make a difference OR Make a move. (Extra Credit 10pts)

Bring me proof that you participated in a charitable Walk/Run activity for the community or to help others. You can also bring me proof that you Walk/Ran in a race to better your health and physical well being. Show me that you're ACTIVE!!  Examples of proof: T-shirt, Bib #, registration conformation.


Dugan Fitness Testing 

Are you Ready?

(Starts April 2023)

 Get your body ready today!



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