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  • Mummies Pumpkins Green screen 2nd grade 1:43 Attack of the Mummy

    A group of students created this green screen video. They were tasked with incorporating basic story elements: characters, setting, problem and solution. It was around Halloween time, so we used pumpkins as characters.

    Uploaded Dec 10, 2018by Jay Seibert
  • Duck Tape Wallets 2nd grade Kidsourcing 00:57 Duck Tape

    Had this idea of outsourcing projects to older students in the school. In this video, our special guest, Miss Katie, taught us how to make Duck Tape wallets.

    Uploaded Dec 10, 2018by Jay Seibert
  • Winter Shenanigans 2nd grade green screen 4:05 Winter Shenanigans

    Playing around with the green screen for the holidays. Students wrote what they like to do in the winter time. Then, they performed in front of the camera.

    Uploaded Dec 10, 2018by Jay Seibert
  • 2nd grade skyscrapers steam design thinking 1:51 Skyscrapers

    We've been investigating modern technological marvels. Students brainstorm ideas of things they want to learn about. We take a vote to determine what we will learn each week. This week's winner was skyscrapers. Students learned the history of skyscrapers, famous skyscrapers, and about elevators. Each day, students participated in a design challenge. We used straws and straw connectors (printed from our 3D printer) to design and build.

    Uploaded Dec 10, 2018by Jay Seibert

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