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Here is our Finale to our fifth grade musical, which includes a bit of "Frozen", "Getcha Head In The Game" and "We're All In This Together" A special thank you goes to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade friends who helped with "We're All In This Together." You are in the last section of the finale, with the addition of some special guests. Happy Summer!!

Third Grade Virtual Recorder Recital

Third Grade Virtual Recorder Recital- Here are members of the third grade class performing some of the songs they have learned from the Recorder Karate program. Attention second graders- this is what you will be doing next year!

You're Welcome from Moana

Another song from our fifth grade musical: "You're Welcome" from Moana. These talented fifth graders did a great job!

Dugan Mix No. 6

Happy School Spirit Day everyone! Dugan Mix No.6 is here, with some familiar faces and some special guests!

Disney Dazzle Medley

Here is our opening number from our fifth grade musical, "Disney Dazzle." You might recognize some familiar songs and faces. The first five speakers, who introduce the medley, give tips on how to be a good audience member, so just imagine you are sitting in the audience watching this in the cafetorium!

Percussion Instruments

Calling all pianists! We are talking about percussion instruments now in the fourth grade. Did you know the piano is a percussion instrument and not a string instrument? If you play piano, drums, bell kit, or any other percussion instrument, show us your skills!
-Watch the BrainPop jr. video about percussion instruments posted below, if you are not sure what a percussion instrument is.
-Use the Flipgrid code to make a short video of you performing and/or telling us a little bit about your instrument. All K-5 students can participate!
-I am moderating the videos, so it will not be displayed until I make it active.
Flipgrid code: e36b9bc7
-You can also access the Flipgrid link by logging into my Google Classroom page. If you haven't joined the class yet, the login in code is: rspcvm2

Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds featuring K -4 Dugan Dragons. Thank you to all who have participated in this video project. Have a good weekend!

Music at MMS

Attention all fifth graders: please watch this video about all the exciting musical opportunities you can have in the Middle School next year!

3 Little Birds

I think this would be a great song for our next video project. 1. Practice the song, then go to 2. Using the flipgrid code, record yourself singing the chorus, a verse, or the entire song. (Tip: sing with the music so you are not going too slow or too fast, that way I can line up your voice to the back ground music.) Flipgrid code is 9018fe3c. I am moderating the videos, so you will not see them until I make them active. 3. In a fashion similar to our Dugan Mixes, I will create a video featuring the students for your viewing pleasure. 4. This is an optional assignment for anyone who wishes to participate. Have fun and stay safe!

Dugan School Song Mix #4

Just in time for School Spirit Day, here is another mix of our School Spirit Song! You might recognize some familiar faces....enjoy your weekend!

Ode To Joy

We are celebrating our first 3 Recorder Karate Black Belts in 3rd grade, all from Mrs. McGurl's class! Here they are playing the Black Belt song, Beethoven's "Ode To Joy"!