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MTPS Important School Closure Details

March 13, 2020

Hello Marlboro Community,

As you know, there is a massive concern in our district and in the world regarding COVID-19.  As your superintendent, I take the safety and security of my students, staff, and community seriously.  Regardless of any official announcement that has yet to come, I am making the decision to close our school district for the next two weeks.  The Marlboro Township School District will be closed from March 16 through March 27th. 

If you want the very detailed plan, please click HERE.  

The following is the plan for how we will utilize these days:

  • Monday, March 16th will be considered one of our inclement weather days.  In other words, it will be treated just like a snow day. There will be no expectation of students to complete any kind of work on this day.  

  • Tuesday, March 17th through Friday, March 27th will be remote learning days.  On these days the students will follow the plan that is explained below.   

This means that each child in Marlboro Township Schools is officially being placed on Home Instruction as per N.J.A.C. 6A:16-10.1 beginning Tuesday, March 17th through Friday, March 27th.   The New Jersey Department of Education has provided guidance in a March 5, 2020 Broadcast. Please click HERE to view the NJDOE Broadcast.   

Please be assured, our staff has been preparing for this circumstance for quite some time in the event we were faced with a school closure or dismissal of this nature.   

Each child will be receiving instructional services in accordance with  N.J.A.C. 6A:16-10.1 and District Policy & Regulation 2412: Home Instruction Due to Health Condition.   As per the Administrative Code and District Policy & Regulation, MTPS is required to design a written plan for the equitable access and delivery of instruction in grades Pre K - 8.  

The following will apply to all students in grades Pre K-2:  

Teaching staff will be utilizing individual Teacher Web Pages to deliver instruction and instructional activities.  Currently, each teacher already has a teacher web page and communicates information to you via this platform.    You can locate each teacher’s web page by navigating to  and choosing your child’s school.  Then use the link to navigate to “Teacher Websites”.  Each school that instructs students in Pre K through grade 2 has a button located at the top right of the toolbar.  This will then allow you to navigate to each individual teacher page.  

The following will apply to all students in grades 3-8:

Teaching staff will be utilizing Google Classroom to deliver instruction and instructional activities.  Currently, each student in grades 3-8 is completing some assignments at home virtually. Teachers will continue to upload content, assignments, and instruction on a daily basis for each day the district is closed.  

For all students grades Pre K-8, teachers will provide a reasonable length of time for instruction per day that will continue each student’s academic progress.  Unless students are ill, the expectation will be that students will complete assignments each day. Our teaching staff will be online and ready to answer questions and address the needs of students by email and in Google Classroom between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday; students certainly can work outside of these hours, but these hours are when our staff will be available for questions and guidance. As a general rule, staff will upload approximately 3 hours of work for each day we are closed.  Staff will place the instruction and instructional materials on Teacher Web Pages and into Google Classroom each day we are closed. As you are aware, the Board of Education has invested in online tools to support learning of specific skills and standards for all students. Your child’s teacher(s) will be utilizing these resources to support instruction during these virtual days. For specific information about how to access online programs, click HERE.


I realize that this is a very difficult time.  Please know that our teaching staff will be online between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to answer any questions you may have. Our administrators will be online during longer hours should you need to email your building leadership or a central office administrator. You can also call the building and our administrative offices.  Please expect updates from me as we continue to navigate these challenging circumstances.  

This information will be made available in the following places:


Eric M. Hibbs, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools