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Kerri Marcus » Isolation vs Quarantine - ORANGE ZONE & YELLOW ZONE

Isolation vs Quarantine - ORANGE ZONE & YELLOW ZONE

Isolation VS Quarantine: ORANGE

Isolation - for the sick - 10 full days and you can only end the isolation if there is no fever on the last day.

Quarantine - for the exposed person, not sick, this is for 14 days while we are in the orange zone.  YOU CANNOT TEST OUT OF QUARANTINE in orange. In the yellow zone or moderate level of covid, you CAN test out. A PCR test can be taken on day 5-7 after exposure. If negative and asymptomatic, the student can return on day 8.

Household -If you have a covid positive person in your house, and THEY cannot fully isolate (see below), the quarantine time is 24 days MINIMUM. This date continues to move if more people become sick in the house.  This date is shorter for the yellow or moderate level of covid, please contact me to discuss.

Fully isolated--The sick person cannot share a bathroom or bedroom with anyone.  They cannot share a living space with anyone including the kitchen for this to work. Meals in theory would be brought outside of the person’s bedroom with the door closed.  Not an easy thing to do. 

Source - New Jersey Department of Health - What should the people who live in my home know/do